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Faz Autos Offering Car Diagnostics In Farnborough

Welcome to Faz Auto's your local garage offering all services including vehicle diagnostics that in todays day and age are vital to working out faults with cars. Tradionally older cars didnt need diagnostic machines to tell us what the faults were but nowadays with technoligy moving the way it is we need these tools. We Avoid unnecessary parts replacement. Exclusive Fast-Track Guided Component Tests show what to test, how to connect and what results to look for with the latest machines that we use.

diagnostics Farnborough

Fully Insured VAT Registered Garage

At Faz Autos we maintain and repair all makes and models. Using tools from SNAP ON and Autocom we have the ability to identify and fix all problems associated with engine diagnostics. Effective fault diagnostics enables us to quickly identify any problem, and ensures the correct part is ordered first time. We also provide car welding repairs and have all the required equipment and expertise in situ.

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You can expect from us:

• Highly competitive, affordable rates on all repairs and servicing

• An honest, upfront and reliable service

• Quick, efficient repairs

• Advice and information from our expert vehicle technicians

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Random Fact About Farnborough

Adjacent to the airport, IQ Farnborough (formerly Farnborough Business Park), is a development. When completed it will include new housing, a new aviation library and the refurbishing of the listed wind tunnels on the site. Current tenants include: AgustaWestland, Autodesk, a BMW & MINI dealership, Costco warehouse, Blue Coat Systems, Bluhalo,Defence Strategy & Solutions, Imagine Homes, a hotel, Orcare Limited, Fluor Limited, Red Hat and DGTL, On the park is the frame of a 1910 Airship Hangar which had previously been dismantled to house wind tunnels, but is now reconstructed – minus its outer skin – to make an impressive centrepiece. The structure has now been listed and protected as a Grade II building. During the fifteenth series of Top Gear a race was performed around the business park.